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Liu's Joined the PULSE Team!

Our coordinator, Tampere University, have brought a talented young researcher on board to assist with the PULSE project. Xinyang Liu received his B.Sc. degree in Light Information Science and Technology from Qingdao University in June 2016. He is now pursuing an M.Sc. degree in Optical Engineering from Shandong University and is expected to graduate in June 2019. From September 2016 to March 2019, he has conducted research in laser physics based on three topics; SESAM mode-locked solid-state lasers at 1 μm and 2 μm, lasing property of new-type Tm3+ ion doped laser crystals at 2 μm and exploration of novel low-dimensional saturable absorbers. He has published one conference paper on Advanced Solid State Lasers (ASSL) and 8 journal papers on international journals such as Optics Letters, Photonics Research, Journal of Selected Topic on Quantum Electronics etc. From March 2019 on, he has started working on the PULSE project at Tampere University. The whole consortium are delighted to welcome Liu into the team!

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