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PULSE team continues to grow!

Sergey Kurilchik (Siarhei Kurylchyk) received his Ph.D degree in Optics in 2014, working at the Centre for Optical Materials and Technologies (COMT) of Belarusian National Technical University (BNTU), leading laser research centre in Minsk, Belarus. His research had been focusing on spectroscopy of RE doped laser materials and their application for development of ultrafast solid-state lasers. He had participated in numerous research projects of COMT both with scientific and industrial partners and combined research activities with teaching at Laser engineering department of BNTU.

In 2017 he continued his career at Optoelectronics Research Centre of University of Southampton, where he had worked on the development of planar-waveguide laser and amplifier systems, as part of a Manufacturing with Light EPSRC grant, studying planar/channel waveguides fabricated by pulsed laser deposition technique.

In May 2019 Sergey Kurilchik joined Aston Institute of Technologies to take part in H2020 PULSE project to investigate ultrafast diode lasers and to develop a cutting-edge ultra-short pulse fibre laser system for industrial applications.

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