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High-Power Ultrafast LaSErs using Tapered Double-Clad Fiber

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The PULSE project brings 13 partners throughout Europe together for one mission – enabling the shift to an advanced manufacturing industry by developing an affordable high-power ultrashort pulsed laser system based on tapered fiber amplifier technology.


Europe is the world leader in laser technology, and maintaining this lead is so important. In order to do this, however, new technologies must be developed for easier adoption in industries that still reply on manual methods, where laser technology can be exploited to achive unimaginable process speeds and efficiencies. Costs are a pivotal factor in many industries, and the new PULSe technologies aim to provide highly competitive soultions providing state-of-the-art performance and strong returns on investment.

PULSE aims to develop an unparalleled complete laser system with higher-than-ever output power and speed. This system will have the ability to cut even the hardest materials used in car construction, texture materials at unimaginable speeds and weld dissimilar materials for multiple fabrication applications. Ultimately this will result in reduced waste and energy, positively impacting both the economy and the environment. 


The laser, however, is only part of the story, with additional technological advancements already established by the consortium enabling the laser to travel at over 5,000km per hour over a material surface, allowing for faster manufacturing processes. This technology will revolutionise the manufacturing industry whilst maintaining Europe’s place at the forefront of laser technology.

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