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Dr Regina Gumenyuk the project coordinator said: “It would not be possible to achieve high-power output performance by focusing on only one component of the system - the amplifiers. We need a comprehensive approach to the development of the entire kW-level laser system, which is why our consortium represents diverse expertise in photonics, materials science and engineering”

Tampere, Finland

Birmingham, England


Prof Edik Rafailov of Aston Institute of Photonic Technologies said, “It is a great opportunity for us to participate in such a project and apply our knowledge in laser physics to real material processing application. I believe that synergy between laser physicists, material processing scientist and industrial partners will be very successful.”

Dr. Maxim Odnoblyudov, CEO of Ampliconyx said “We are excited to be a part of this project consortium, which gives opportunity to combine Ampliconyx amplifier technology with multiple innovative solutions from our partners along complete value chain from a seed source to industrial lasers processing system to bring new generation of kW level ultrashort pulse laser to European industrial environment.”

Tampere, Finland

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Aachen, Germany

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Dr Rainer Beccard, Managing Director of Lunovu said: “We are very excited about this project, as it will open new areas of applications for high power, ultra short pulsed lasers. As a machine manufacturer we know about the complexity of laser processes, and thus we are looking forward to co-operate with a top level, cross-disciplinary team.” 

Dr. Konstantinos Kechagias is co-founder and Managing director of Nanotypos said: “we are extremely motivated and enthusiastic for the start of PULSE project as it will strengthen our DOE product portfolio, opening the path for new applications and end user cases.”

Thessaloniki, Greece


Dr. Maria Farsari, Research Director at the Institute of Electronic Structure and Laser said: “It’s a multidisciplinary approach combining chemistry, laser materials processing and 3D printing to make compact optical elements for the high-power laser to be developed by the PULSE consortium, and for broader photonics applications.”

Heraklion, Greece


Dr. Elias Hontzopoulos, Vice President of PRIME Laser Technology said: “PRIME LaserTech is investing in technology and innovation to support company competitive position in the market. Participation in projects like this, improves our production technology and company’s Know-how, ensuring our product quality. It is privilege for us to be member of a strong group of partners who investigate ultrafast laser material processing in a holistic approach appropriate for laser-based digital manufacturing.”

Keratea, Greece

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Dr Nello Li Pira, Ph.D. Physical Analysis department manager said: “The first mission of the CRF is the promotion and the investigation for FCA of novel materials, technologies and systems for the automotive sector. Project PULSE goes in such direction: improving manufacturing technology and at the same time ensuring high quality and enhancement in products and components to be used on our vehicles.”

Turin, Italy


Dr Neil Stewart, the PULSE Project Lead at MODUS Research and Innovation said: “This is a truly innovative project with genuine prospects to revolutionise laser-based digital manufacturing and reap huge economic benefits for Europe. The exceptionally strong group of partners have all the necessary talents to accelerate ultrafast laser developments and it is a privilege to have supported the success of a fully committed group of industrial and academic researchers."

Dundee, Scotland


Prof. Dr.-Ing. André Streek professor for innovative laser technologies at Mittweida University said: “It is both a great opportunity and an inspiring challenge for us to lift our high-speed scanning technology to an industrial level. The combination of scanner and a short-pulse laser system in the power class of several kilowatts is unique and generally demonstrates the high level of laser research in Europe. The use of these technologies enables completely new areas of application for laser technology.”

Mittweida, Germany


Pietro Onofrio the CEO of Onostampi Srl who founded the company 40 years ago said: “Onostampi is a small company with high commitment and devotion to innovation and modernization.We design and produce technical moulds for thermoplastic materials, carrying out testing on thermoplastic injection moulding and finally providing internal metrological certification of the moulded part. We believe that the technical and technological success passesthroughstrong collaboration and high competence. For such reason we have decided to join in PULSE.

Bardello, Italy


Dr. Andrey Grishchenko, R&D Manager, said: “Joint work with top laser companies will allow deeper understanding and possibly better design of necessary fibers and lasing fiber module. In spite, Ceramoptec SIA supplies only ancillary parts and services for Project Pulse, we would be pleased to share our knowledge and technical abilities as input for success of current project.”

Livani, Latvia

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The TEM Messtechnik GmbH is an innovative medium-sized company established in 1988. The team  is headed by Dr. Thomas Müller-Wirts (CEO).The company is expert in converting scientific results and ideas into real-world applications. The cutting-edge and solution-oriented skills go from the first idea to the production-ready solution and includes customer specific adaption of the standard products, new development at the electronic devices, analog and digital solutions,


Hannover, Germany

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